About Me

I am..

 I am in my early 30s and former teacher. I have just relocated in the UAE and currently working in advertising company, I am homebaker, mystery shopper, frustrated concert artist and blogger wanna be.

I love sunsets, churches, dogs  and lighthouses.  I like drinking coffee and long conversations. I have the patience of a saint (at least, that is what I think). I don’t really take great pictures, so please bear with me ^_^.

This blog is about…

This blog has my notes on lodging  interesting  hotels and resorts, restaurant that I’ve dined, the places and things that I’ve seen in my travels, experiences during my travels, random thoughts while on the road and I am also sharing my love for baking.

 Why My Purple Backpack?

Why purple? I am not one of Barney’s Minions but, I love Grimace of McDonalds. I love the color purple and for that reason friends tried to lure me into a name that has ube or halaya before the .com. I have always fancied hues of Purple.

Backpack is I think is a traveler’s  bag and in most of my trips I carry backpack with me. In the backpack I carry the persistence to understand that when outside of my comfort not everything will work out according to plan.  An open mind to learn more about others people’s ways and belief and open eyes to so that I can savor each moment.

In my backpack I bring home memories, friendships and experiences.

Thanks for dropping by my blogsite, I hope you find it useful, entertaining and engaging.

6 thoughts on “About Me”

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope you find it useful and engaging. cheers, Endette

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