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Musandam Trip: One Day in Oman

If you are thinking of how to spend a day out, probably the best way to spend it is by going to a mall; dine a good restaurant or watch a movie afterwards.

But most people will find a day in the mall way too ordinary a good option will be an excursion trip to OMAN. Most people would want to go to water parks but going for a Musandam Dhow Cruise trip may be better idea.

Heading to Musandam

Our driver/tour guide picked us up at  Jumeirah Beach Hotel at around 8am, but, upon booking and confirmation most the tour operator will remind you that you need to bring your passports even if you already have a an Emirates ID. The trip going to Musandam from Dubai will pass through the parts of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah so it’s a road trip.

Once in the border, Border will ask the guide to present the passports as well as the visa page.

Dhow Cruise

When you arrive at the dock you can see the boats that they use for fishing and the boats that is used to carry the passengers for the day trip.

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excuse the obligatory selfie

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And we are in Oman

The itinerary are for the was departure from the harbor, first stop for swimming, lunch, second stop for the cave and arrival at the harbor. It will be a full day with mother nature with just the sea and sun. :)

2015-05-01 11.15.37While waiting for our arrival in our first stop the best thing to do was lounge on deck and sunbathe. Of course catching on a little sleep happens. But, the best way to pass time is just to enjoy the scenic view while, while sipping on the cold beverage on board.

2015-05-01 11.05.26On the first stop there guest can either go on the beach or stay on board; we opted to stay on board and snorkel. Me, being a non-swimmer need the assistance of the trusty life vest. The water was clear and cool so it was a refreshing dip.

After the swim lunch was served. Buffet lunch menu was a combination of Arabic dishes, according to our guide. I particularly enjoyed the fried fish as well as the grilled chicken. It was accompanied by fresh fruits and juices, which was perfect.

After lunch the boat went to the next stop to visit the cave, we had to take a speed boat and to reach there. It took a few minutes to reach the cave and it was a pretty sight as the water was  clear you can almost see the bottom.

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After the second stop our guides advised us that we will return to the harbor.

Tips to enjoy the day:

a. never forget the passport as it can be a hassle going home and going back to the pick-up point.

b. bring swimming clothes and some swimming gears if you have them (though they provide flippers and snorkeling gears)

c. use sunblock as the sun isn’t forgiving

d. jump in the water even though you can’t swim (thanks to my practice in Arielle’s Point in Boracay)

Unfortunately, there were no dolphins sighted but overall it was a day well spent out side the city.

Wishing Odey a happy birthday!