Costa Rica

7 Best Budget Vacations in Central America

How would you choose which of many sites in Central America qualifies for any position among the list of the most beneficial travel destinations in the community? Well, there isn’t any clear method of generating this kind of checklist because Central America consists of eight nations around the world, every one of which is while bio-diverse and wonderful for the reason that prior 1 within the checklist.

This can make it challenging to help conclusively checklist person sites in these kind of nations around the world which is the reason in this post, many of us give you a synopsis associated with what makes these nations around the world a great destination for a desire family vacation. Each and every on in the nations around the world in Central America is often a cherish trove associated with venture, mystique, and many exciting. But if your reasons behind visiting this specific region undoubtedly are a need to expertise anything fresh and something special, after that this would absolutely function as position for you personally. There exists a lot more to this position in comparison with precisely what meets a person’s eye. There exists a great deal to help unravel that will even a life time could seem fewer.

No matter whether you are looking for a vacation destination or even a position to just loosen up, or maybe you want to participate the actual inexperienced historian in a person, Central America promises to help enjoyment, please and fulfil while using the many choices the idea is offering.


Belize is amongst the most favoured Middle Us family vacation places, on account of a combination of fantastic organic disorders like the environment, a beautiful hurdle ocean, protected oceans that will allow for a lot of mineral water venture athletics, and a incredibly bio-diverse organic pre-book. Vacation is usually growing with a quickly rate in Central America along with a lot of tourists visiting to determine the actual Mayan wrecks and feel the pleasures associated with eco-tourism. The actual Belize Hurdle Saltwater is an excellent place regarding knee boarding and scuba regarding sea life fans.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica hosts among the better seashores in the world is actually 25% associated with its overall landmass about organic theme parks, it’s also on the list of greenest nations around the world in the world. Which is the reason Costa Rica can make it towards directory best travel destinations. There are various excellent locations in Costa Rica if you get enable you to look at the country, after that carry out help make journeys towards Manuel Antonio Nationwide Recreation area, Tabacon, Monteverde Foreign Woodland, and Drake These types of Furthermore, it provides wonderful seaside cities including Manzanillo and Tamarindo. Complete a vacation to Costa Rica for any family vacation filled with pursuits.

Costa Rica

El Salvador

Being a journey destination and a holiday spot, El Salvador includes a ton to provide to help tourists. San Salvador, the capital, can be an industrial wonder and anyone with the actual merest associated with involvement in history should truly definitely not neglect enable you to pay a visit to this specific location. In addition remember that El Salvador hosts the planet popular Santa Claus Ana Volcano. You should not produce a vacation to the most effective sites in the world let alone Central America with not a vacation to Santa Claus Ana. Compared to the some other nations around the world in Central America, El Salvador provides vividly different attractions. The actual seashores and the nightlife in the United States are prolonged heralded by simply tourists. Although eco-tourism is just not massive in the United States, browsing is usually rapidly growing like a massive vacationer appeal.


The actual Mayan wrecks in Tikal in Guatemala is among the most biggest draw in the country while Tikal have been the website for many people archaeological breakthrough discoveries triggering each of our examine in the Mayan civilization. Guatemala is additionally house to help brow pyramids and ceremonial web sites in Uaxactun, Mirador, and Quirigua. This can be a wonderful country along with as many as 37 volcanoes spread along the highlands in the country. You possibly can break down your time and efforts concerning unmarked, virgin seashores and tremendous mountain towns offering tracks regarding walking. On a trip to help Guatemala, the most effective sites to go to could possibly be Antigua which is a UNESCO globe customs web site Additional must-visit locations incorporate Flores and Chichicastenango.


A different holiday spot in Central America you should truly produce a vacation to can be Honduras, which including some other Middle Us nations around the world can be an combination associated with bio-diverse reserves, spotless seashores, and wrecks associated with early cultures. A visit towards country associated with Honduras can be incomplete if you don’t look at the organic landscapes, organic reserves, and fog up woodlands that will dept of transportation the actual landscape. Go to the seashores in Utila, Guanaja, and Roatan that happen to be broadly considered to be among the better seashores in Latina North America.


Vacation is amongst the biggest sectors in Nicaragua and so it will be not surprising so it could figure on an index of the optimum sites to help family vacation in Central America. Many tourists to help Nicaragua could consider the pay a visit to incomplete when they can’t produce a vacation to Granada which is the actual colonial location. Additional well-liked cities regarding tourism incorporate Leon, Masaya, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe, and many others. The actual Corn Countries and the Mombacho Volcano may also be massive attractions.


Panama turns into essentially the most critical and wonderful locations to travel to in Central America due to reputation in the Panama Canal which ties together the actual Ocean and the Pacific cycles seas. Furthermore, it provides essentially the most wonderful coastal whitening strips along with bright yellow sand seashores and aqua glowing blue oceans. In case you are planning a trip to Compact country of panama, carry out pay a visit to on the list of fourteen country wide theme parks it is house to help.

This really is simply a synopsis of all the Central America journey places. It can be challenging to help conclusively choose one of these simple sites for the reason that best vacation destination which is the reason this specific directory best travel destinations contains all of the nations around the world in the community. On the major vacation places to help the prettiest archaeological treasures in the world; these look for a room in this area. All are a traveller’s haven giving numerous pursuits and an absolutely incomparable panorama; therefore apply for an esta visa online for you to get the best of out of them.

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Noodle House: Flavors of Southeast Asia

“Believe me you’ll be surprised with the variety of shawarma you can stumble upon” that was my first sentence when asked how was the food here in the UAE.   In my observation, this country’s restaurants here usually offers biryana and flat bread by the dozen and served with food spiced the way they used to in the Middle Ages. Something my taste buds are not familiar with, so it’s always a  exciting find a restaurant that offers dishes that is  almost close to home, and it is definitely Cuisine that is from South East Asia.


Photo Credit to Noodle House

Noodle House was the first restaurant I’ve dined in Dubai, the first time I saw the menu, I immediately fell in love with it.


Wooden Tables, Chopsticks, Red what could be more Asian. Restaurant is a casual dining it has warm colors that relax and make you feel right at home. I also adored the condiments on the side of the table, plus the Peking Duck hanging in the Kitchen Area.

2014-02-14 13.24.26

Fried Wontons with Sea salt for Appetizer

They also have an open kitchen which allows the diners to see the all the action.


Noodle House selection of dishes is probably on the best I’ve probably it’s because I am such a big fan of  dishes from China, Thailand and Japan. I am also a sucker for rice noodles so I think this is one of the best restaurant for me. If you are vegan or if you don’t want to cheat on your cheat day, they can serve vegetable dishes.

2014-02-14 13.25.11

Wasabi Prawns – mango salsa.

2014-02-14 13.44.56

Beef Char Kwey Teow – flat rice noodles, chives, oyster sauce.

2014-02-14 13.44.32

Thai Chicken – cashew nuts.

2014-02-14 13.45.07

Cantonese Roast Duck – Hoisin sauce, cucumber, leeks & pancakes.Of course, this is to be served with Cola and Steamed Brown Rice ( healthy living, ika nga :D)

Price and Service

Restaurant was a bit pricey the meal including Big Bottled Water is around AED 340.00 excluding tips. This set is good for 4 persons. Servings are generous, but in term for service I am not really that impressed. Staff members are a bit preoccupied probably because it Valentines day.

Noodle House has branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi plus they also have restaurants outside UAE.


Try it out you might enjoy the flavors of South East Asia.

Girl vs. Burger: Ketchup Restaurant Experience

Ketchup is a tomato-based condiment with a tang contributed by vinegar, sugar, salt and spices. Ketchup’s unique flavor found it’s way on plenty of dishes to the simple thousand island dressing to the exotic sweet and sour sauce. This makes ketchup one of the widely used condiment.

Right in the heart of Downtown Dubai, opposite Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard is Ketchup Restaurant.  A restaurant that serves the Classic American Cuisine with a twist of modern inspiration. They reinvent American favorites  to create something that is gourmet.


Ketchup’s color is dominated by white that is accentuated by red. The interior not that impressive probably because it too bright outside that it passing through the glass windows. It was hard to see and appreciate the interiors.  Seats are very comfortable.


The restaurant’s main menu is limited having having a few selections of items per course. They serve hearty salads to mouthwatering desserts.  They also offer their express lunch menu which is available during weekdays from 11am to 4pm and a kid’s menu.

2014-01-31 14.12.12

We ordered, Grilled Chicken Quesadilla (with monterey jack cheese, flour tortilla, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream)

2014-01-31 14.13.04

Ketchup Threesome skinny, sweet and truffle Parmesan fries served with  5 flavors ketchup each has a different flavor.

2014-01-31 14.14.52


 Mocktails Mojito and Cosmopolitan


Ketchup boast of the their grilled burgers and steak, but one item that intrigued me is the Stack which is made out of double burger, crispy beef, cheddar cheese, and sauteed mushrooms. Seeing it being served made me feel that I am in a man vs. food challenge literally. But, who could deny that it is a vision to behold.

2014-01-31 14.33.18r


Up close and personal. Goodness overload..

2014-01-31 14.33.07

700 grams of beef served with fries. Who can say no?


Items are a bit pricier than other casual fine dining restaurant we were 5 in the group and we paid about AED 700.00 for the meal. Though a bit expensive, each serving may feed two persons.

Over All

Dining in Ketchup is a unique experience because of The Stack. Waitstaff is attentive and accommodating, plus you don’t have to wait long queues for your food. The location is accessible even even if you don’t have your own car.

And by the way I won in this challenge. :)


Almost Christmas in Kish

The Beautiful Island of Kish, Iran sometimes referred to as “The Pearl of the Persian Gulf”  is a small island  a small visa free island located in the Persian Gulf. It is only a few minutes away from the UAE, which makes it a perfect location for Filipinos who are waiting for their visas to be approved.

I’ve heard so many stories about Filipinos who did not have a pleasant experience in this Kish, so I kept telling and convincing myself that I will never set foot on that island. If worst comes and I need to exit the UAE, I will make sure that my destination is Oman.

And guess what happened?! In this case there is no other choice.

Here’s the my situation, my tourist visa expires on the 25th December so I have 2 options leave a few days before my visa expires and wait that my new visa on be release before Christmas or wait the day when my visa expires and leave the same day. I choose my first option praying that it will be released before Christmas day or else it’s Merry Christmas on Kish.

Praying to God that he will grant me the wish not spend Christmas on there, I blindly booked a round trip ticket to at the price of AED 800 (roughly just multiply by 12.5 to be converted in peso). Leaving Dubai on the 21st of December bracing myself for probably the worst.

December 21

Kish Airline I think is the only carrier that flies Dubai to Kish everyday, some people fly from Abu Dhabi to Kish but the flights are only scheduled thrice a week. Well, the plane ride was took less than 30 mins, surprisingly they served in-flight snacks but I cannot commend on their staff for they distributed the food as the passengers were leaving the plane. :P

Of course, before you go to the immigration officer to have the passport stamped women have to dawn a shela, to cover the hair, Iran has strict dress codes for women and every one needs to follow.


Kish is surprisingly clean, there was no litter on the roadsides, though one can see that there are lots of construction going on.


Most people I spoke with recommended a hotel near Kish Air Ticketing Office. It would be convenient for me to book my flight back when the visa gets released.  The room I stayed in had 12 single beds, a mini kitchen where there is no cooking utensils, a common bath and toilet and a Television that does not work plus, lots of bed bugs.


It actually feels like a retreat, no technology to keep you entertained so the best option is to explore the nearby area, it is always advised that you go in groups for safety reasons. Though there are internet shops, most of them are packed with people wanting to communicate with loved ones and friends.

Kish Island has a few shopping malls and shopping centers and it was interesting because some of the shop keepers speak fluent Filipino. There are plenty of things that are really appealing for me but the items I liked best  is this:


There are a dining areas, though I feel that they are a bit expensive.

December 23

There are island tours available, unfortunately I did not get a chance to participate in one, but, I did like their beach front. One of Kish Island’s popular attractions is the white sand beach, clear blue waters even if there are strong waves.



A pose in the beach…


Swimming is allowed only on certain seasons and on certain parts. Of course, there are strict rules on swimming attire. Fishing is also one of the things to do in the beach.


I particularly enjoyed sitting on the bench while sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the view of the ocean.

1525594_10151803371866333_1050815868_nThis is when I receive news that my visa is already processed and I can finally go back to Dubai just in time for December 24. Taking note of the time I decided to check out the Kish Air ticket office but it was already closed. I need to book a ticket the next day.

December 24 8:00 AM

The queue was long when I got to the office the next day, most people would want to leave the Island for the holidays.  My original schedule for departure was scheduled for 25th December 10:30 am, but instead of waiting I’ve decided that I’ll go to the airport hoping that there would be seats for chance passengers.

Unfortunately, I was not lucky to take the 1130 am flight, instead of going back to the hotel I just waited till 630 to catch the next flight.

We’ll I was nervous the whole time because of the fear that I may not get back to Dubai for Noche Buena. But, lady luck smiled to me and finally I was on board the plane Dubai bound at 9pm.

There was also nice surprise one my former students was with me in the same flight.

1526904_10201907983279550_16799432_nAnd yes she was in Kish all the time we just met in the airport

December 24 10:00 PM

Plane touched down Dubai Airport Terminal 2, and I felt that everyone was just so happy that they can finally see their loved ones, specially those that had spent months on Kish. You can hear cheers of those in the plane.

December 24 11:30 PM

I was knocking on my cousin’s doorstep and the happiness I felt was just overwhelming. I was just so happy to be back in Dubai. It was almost Christmas in Kish. :)

My Kish experience was not that bad, sure the accommodations was not that good, I still have scars to remind me of that and the safety is a concern too. I think what made it special was visiting a place that has made a negative impression  through stories and seeing with your own eyes realizing that it is not bad (if you stay there just for a few days).


Entertainment For Your Travels

Travelling around the world is exciting. You get to see other countries, experience cultures you’re not familiar with, visit historical landmarks and fill yourself up on foods not native to your own country. For all the amazing experiences you’re having along the way though, downtime is a certainty, especially when stuck on a bus, waiting at the airport or awaiting check-in time at your hotel.

It’s during these times that a person wishes they had some kind of alternative activity to peruse. Ones that won’t break your back if you pack them into your hand luggage and can be pulled out at a moments notice. For example, once when my flight was delayed I spent a mind-numbingly boring amount of time staring into space because I misplaced the book I was travelling with, until finally our flight boarded and took off. I’ve learned to bring emergency entertainment along ever since.


Having a game at hand

On extended trips around the world and short holidays, it wouldn’t be convenient to carry a board game in your backpack, but there are smaller, less obtrusive forms of gaming that substitute for your average Monopoly or Bingo board. Packs of cards are easily tucked in a pocket for example, or while it’s possibly not recommended for you to have a power-draining smartphone or tablet on display during your travels (they can get stolen), it would be worth it for the endless supply of gaming material accessible from the average app store. The bingo board you’ve left at home can be replaced by an app called Travel Bingo, for example, which is available on iTunes. Each card gives you 25 travel icons and you are timed in completing that card.

Or a traveller from the UK who misses playing bingo on the FoxyBingo website can make use of the Foxy mobile app during the rainy season or lounging by the pool at a beach resort. Actually, if you think about it, playing a game like bingo and other real-money games could even help you fund your holiday. You don’t have the same luxury with games like Candy Crush or Snap Chat, because you pay them, not the other way round. When in doubt though, a casual game of Rock Paper Scissors can never go wrong.

Bring along an E-reader

What did we do with our books before the invention of the E-Reader Pack the thick volumes into our bags and struggle with the extra weight. Investing in an E-reader like the Kobo, Kindle or even the Nook will allow you to download thousands of books to

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And yes I am still in Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden

At first glance Dubai can be described as a city that is home to the tallest skyscraper like “Burj Khalifa” and grand malls. I was surprised that  it also home to  a seasonal attraction during the winter months for the flowers will from withering during summer .When my cousins told me we are visit Dubai Miracle Garden, I immediately searched it on the net thinking that it may just be pocket garden with the usual bougainvillaea. The pictures that I saw was beautiful, flowers of different colors in the photographs drew my attention.


Dubai Miracle Garden is home to more than 45 million flowers all beautifully arranged in different shapes and forms. Located in the North West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange along Shiekh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road within Dubai Land Development Project.

And yes I am still in Dubai

And yes I am still in Dubai

Regular admission fee is AED 20 for adults and children above 3, while  persons that  differently able may enter for free.

One of the many interesting parts of the park utilizing old cars as centerpieces.

One of the many interesting parts of the park utilizing old cars as centerpieces.

And old cars also make beautiful plant boxes

And old cars also make beautiful plant boxes

Going in the garden was a nice experience because of the variety colors that you see, I particularly loved the hues of orange.


The flowers were so beautiful that you could just imagine the effort in making the garden as breathtaking as it is.

For more information on Dubai Miracle Garden you can check out their website.

PS. I know it’s not my best post right, inspirations are so hard to find these days. Please bear with me. :)

First Flight Out Quandary

Traveling out the country is a dream, but I never thought that my first flight out of the country was bound for Dubai, UAE.  On top of that I will be flying by myself. I ‘ve never flown solo before and the though of hopping on the plane is a bit overwhelming.


The moment that I was dropped me off at the airport I was not quite certain of what will happen.  This certainly was not like my previous trips. I kept remembering the advice my friends gave me that traveling solo is just walk in the park. That was easy for them to say since most of them a seasoned travelers; jet-setting in and around the country.

 Quandary,uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

People in the same shoes certainly experienced problems just like I did just like

- Immigration Officer’s questions that are sometimes a bit unusual. I feared that I might not answer them and they might not allow me to leave.

- Whom to entrust your things if you got to if you need to go to the restroom or if you need to buy something in the airport.

-Boredom in a long flight particularly when I am used to chit chatting with someone during the trip. Thank God I brought a notebook and pen; I just wrote and scribbled my thoughts. Though, a gadget may be used for entertainment but I opted to save battery.

-Long queue particularly when I arrived at Dubai Airport; it was overwhelming because I saw a lot of nationalities. It felt that I am really far from the Philippines.

-Lastly, the fear of stepping out of the airport in a foreign country is  just plain scary.


But, I thank God for this trip because it taught me that I should step out of my comfort zone and jump into an oppurtunity of a lifetime. I will surely see the sights, learn something new, discover and savor the dishes found in the UAE and I am very excited about it .