Bohol Country Side Tour

My plan for the last  few months to was refrain from spending and traveling,  I never expected that I’d be flying to Cebu on August and never in my wildest dream that I would get to see the sights in Bohol.

There are 11-12  places included in the tour and they are a few kilometers from each other so Kat and I commissioned a tour coordinator RJ Intano to assist us. The tour includes a private vehicle with a driver, a tour of the attractions and a lunch buffet at Loboc River.

We were picked up at the Blue Water Resort lobby at around 9:30 am. Brian our driver introduced himself and asked us of the of the places we wanted to visit.

Our itinerary is as follows:

 Dauis Church


It is located on the the oldest municipality of Bohol; it is made of stone concrete and corals. The church is near the seaside giving it the view of Tagbiliaran Island.


The church has an in impressive ceiling decorated with what seems rosettes. Wooden doors are simple and there are stained glass windows but it bears not design. The church also has a very beautiful tile floor.


The altar holds the image of Our Lady of the Assumption, there is also a well near the foot of the altar. According to our guide the well and the water coming from it is miraculous. There is also  a convento, beautiful patio and a squat tower at the back of the church.

Sandugo Site


The Blood Compact Memorial Shrine that commemorates the treaty friendship and trust between the Philippines and the Spaniards.

Baclayon Church

A fort church that has thick walls and  a belfry directly facing the sea, to see if there are marauders coming and to warn the town folks of the coming danger.


The face of Padre Pio

It is the church paying homage to Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion; it is considered to be the oldest in the province. It is made from coral stones and it was the seat of the Spanish Jesuit missionaries before moving to Loboc.


The church has door carvings and there are also stained glass windows.  The church also has a museum where images of saints dating back to the Spanish era is displayed.


Loboc River Cruise


We stopped at the bank of the Loboc River, we saw boats. Our guide told us that we are dining in one of those colorfully decorated boats.


Dining with a view of a clean river, good food and songs that will make you want to sing-a-long.


The floating restaurant served Filipino dishes. There was also a stop to watch a cultural performance by the Boholanos. I loved that children and adults participate in show.


Tarsier Sanctuary


True, the smallest primate is really cute! An adult can fit on the hand and the guides say that a newborn is the size of the thumb. It was a pleasure just looking at these wonderful creatures.


According to the signage, when taking pictures of the tarsier the camera must not be close and no flash must be use. It may cause them stress that may make them commit suicide. Having that in mind Kat and I made sure that the flash of the cameras are turned off.  But, our heart sank when we saw that some foreigners are taking pictures and the mobile phones has flash on iand it was directly right in front of the poor thing’s face. There was a facilitator/guide but the he did not stop the tourists all for the tip.

Though, most of the the guests were following the guidelines on taking pictures. It just felt sad that the facilitator is not doing his job.

Chocolate Hills


Picturesque hills  which is considered to be a National Geological Monument is located in Carmen. We were brought to the Viewing deck, we had to walk a few steps up where we had a flanax moment.


It was really hard to describe these beautiful hills that is said to be green and verdant on the rainy season and brown on the summer. It was just like looking at a postcard the ones that you get when you need to pass a picture of the different geographical formations.

Bohol Man-made Forest


Is located on the border of Loboc and Bilar, a two kilometer stretch of  Mahogany trees that was planted in the 1950s. It said the area was prone to landslides that is why the trees were placed.


Inside the forest one can feel that it is cooler and we also took pictures just be careful because you might be ran over by a car. Our driver even took our picture.

Loboc Church


The church dedicated to St. Peter the Apostle is considered to be the second oldest in Bohol. Like churches built during the Spanish era it has a bellfry and it is to note that is is 100 meters away from the church.


The Jesuits also built a bamboo organ which is similar to the one found in Baclayon. The convento of Loboc church is also noted because it is a 3 story structure unlike the usual 2 found in most churches.

The countryside tour will take about 6-8 hours depending on the spots you wish to visit. We were back at the Resort at round 5 pm. It was tiring but it was a day well spent.

Facts I learned about this trip:

– Old churches in Bohol are usually found in areas near the sea or rivers.

-Inland churches are conspired to be new, churches built in the 1950s are new.

– Towns in Bohol have interesting names like Valencia and Albuquerque-  these are the birthplaces of their respective missionaries.

Tarsiers on display at the sanctuary are male.

The cost of the tour is around Php 3,250, we paid  Php 1625/person. Price of the tour may vary depending on the number of persons joining the tour.

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