Brewing with the Coffee Academy

Coffee is considered to be one of the widely consumed beverage in the world. Proof of this are the many coffee shops that sells it for more than a Php 100/ cup and  vendo machines that offers at  Php 5/cup.

It has always been favorite beverage. It is consumed during breakfast, after meals and at any time of the day. Coffee is also a choice beverage during conversations. It smells nice and you may serve it hot or cold. Like wine, it has different varieties and it may paired with different types of desserts.


When my students invited me to join in one of their activities I happily accepted because of my interest in coffee.

The process of creating coffee is tedious. It begins from manually picking the berries, drying, roasting, grinding and brewing till it reaches the cup. The soil and the area where coffee is planted has a big effect on it’s  flavor and aroma.

Guatemalan coffee has a fruity smell and it goes well with cheesecakes. There is also coffee from Sumatra that is best served with chocolate. Ethiopian coffee that has a sweet and fruity smell.


Mr. Raul Peralta of the Coffee Academy discussed, pointers on how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Grind coffee beans depending on the demand and measurements must be followed 1oz of water: 2 grams ground coffee.

He also showed us the different manual press used in making coffee.


French Press


Filter Press


Aero Press

He also discussed the difference of different coffee based drinks like espresso which is purely coffee, latte that has more milk and cappuccino that has more coffee over milk.


Double Shot of Espresso for those Graveyard Shift Moments

Coffee art is also getting popularity, so they also showed us ways to make the coffee look better.








Mr. Peralta is connected with Coffee Academy they offer classes on basic espresso making, advance espresso making, coffee masterclass, coffee art and other classes. This classes are for those who want to enjoy coffee and people who want to work as a barista.  Coffee Academy is connected with William Anglis Institute of Australia this means that the training you get is credited abroad.

For more information about Coffee Academy you can checkout their Facebook Page or you can follow them on Twitter.

Special thanks Lomar’s Group for the invite, Ms. Bernadette Panaligan and Raymond for the photos.

Note: This is not a Sponsored Post

8 responses to “Brewing with the Coffee Academy

  1. oh I love coffee art im hunting for a workshop in my area to learn how to do it , im a little bit jealous for your wonderful experience
    thank you for sharing

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