First Flight Out Quandary

Traveling out the country is a dream, but I never thought that my first flight out of the country was bound for Dubai, UAE.  On top of that I will be flying by myself. I ‘ve never flown solo before and the though of hopping on the plane is a bit overwhelming.


The moment that I was dropped me off at the airport I was not quite certain of what will happen.  This certainly was not like my previous trips. I kept remembering the advice my friends gave me that traveling solo is just walk in the park. That was easy for them to say since most of them a seasoned travelers; jet-setting in and around the country.

 Quandary,uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

People in the same shoes certainly experienced problems just like I did just like

– Immigration Officer’s questions that are sometimes a bit unusual. I feared that I might not answer them and they might not allow me to leave.

– Whom to entrust your things if you got to if you need to go to the restroom or if you need to buy something in the airport.

-Boredom in a long flight particularly when I am used to chit chatting with someone during the trip. Thank God I brought a notebook and pen; I just wrote and scribbled my thoughts. Though, a gadget may be used for entertainment but I opted to save battery.

-Long queue particularly when I arrived at Dubai Airport; it was overwhelming because I saw a lot of nationalities. It felt that I am really far from the Philippines.

-Lastly, the fear of stepping out of the airport in a foreign country is  just plain scary.


But, I thank God for this trip because it taught me that I should step out of my comfort zone and jump into an oppurtunity of a lifetime. I will surely see the sights, learn something new, discover and savor the dishes found in the UAE and I am very excited about it .

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